God's Talents and Abilities Training Program

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Taught from a Biblical, effective, proven teaching prospective, God’s Talents and Abilities Training Courseonsite and online, will enable you, ages 10 years old and up to refine and/or discover, understand, and learn the divine purpose of why you were given extraordinary ability, gifts, skills, and talents and just what to do with them; in 2 empowering segments of simple lessons, over a 12 week period, practical instruction and practice: 15 effective steps to using your God given talents and abilities.


Thesis Scripture

Parable of the Talents

Matthew Chapter 25, Verses 14-46.



Minister Valerie Allen is the proud instructor, whose been running Steps To Using Your God Given Talents and Abilities since July 2009; which also include the 1st virtual graduated class, 2011, as well as one incomplete class 2012, concluding with committed student, Apostle Orlando Bembry .


Virtual Ceremony

Steps To Using Your God Given Talents and Abilities, 1st Virtual Graduation Ceremony, hosted, Friday, January 27, 2012 was complete with the most appreciated line up of amazing Graduates, who each received a virtual certificate of completion; guests and Godly men and women who humbly contributed: Rev. Sinclair Grey III, Pastor Rebecca Simmons, Minister Toby Carson, Monica Hart and Keynote Speaker: World Renown Musician, Minister Russel Blake.

Class of 2011

Tawayna Peeples , Valedictorian, Business Owner.  Lorie Etienne, Salutatorian, Book Author.  Prophetess Adrienna Turner, Author and Business Owner. Mother Agnes Howard (Deceased).  Brandy Hale (Deceased).  Consuelo Colbert, AVON Sales Representative.  Minister Diana Washington-Flagg, Founder and CEO.  Linda Jamila,  Aspiring Gospel Artist. Monique Davis, Home Health Aide.  Minister Monique Wilson, Owner & Operator.

Instructor Minister Valerie Allen is full of insight and wisdom. At the Future Generations Media Training Program, she delivered a power-packed, informative, spiritually rich, and Biblically accurate presentation that fully engaged our students. Her rapport with the students was outstanding as evidenced by their observations, questions, and comments. I believe our students are keenly aware of their gifts, talents, and abilities, and they can distinguish the difference between the three. In short, she was excellent.

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